Een charity stream

September 25th - 27th 2020

56 hour gaming marathon for charity
during the weekend before World Heart Day.


Dutch Game Marathon is a charity stream. After the success of 2019, the organization will raise money in 2020 for the benefit of the Dutch hear foundation Hartstichting. Hartstichting is looking for solutions for a strong heart.


During the Dutch Game Marathon we raffle various goodies such as T-shirts, games and more among the donors. This way you help a good cause, while you also have a chance to win a nice item!


During the Dutch Game Marathon, several streamers come along to play games, to talk with the chat and to raffle prizes!

What is a charity stream?

A charity stream is a multi-day gaming marathon broadcast live over the internet to raise funds for a chosen charity. Popular Dutch streamers, companies and developers all contribute to this event in their own way: some are guests during the event, while others allow competitions.

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